Entry #1

Alien Ant Farm. Bad Morning

2007-07-18 07:12:14 by Diphallia

Since i don't have any flashes on my page, i figured that i'll make one.
And it seems quite easy to make a music video, since you don't have to worry about the sound.
I'm working (thinking) on a music video for AAF, the song is bad morning and i'm gonna visualize that.
Everything that can go wrong, WILL go wrong.
No lip synching and no random things.
Sorta like Jerry, but without silver hammers.
And well, i don't have a preview, hope that i can post some in a while.

Also, I will start working on it when i find the inspiration, and when i've done the other things to be done.
As everbody should do, I start with character concepts and conceptual storyboards, then i'll make another one, with a bit twist, and finally i'll make a third that's somewhere between the first and the second, hopefully better than the two first also.

But i think i'll probably join some fun collab before that, just to warm up a bit.


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2007-07-19 12:56:23

http://denvish.net/ulf/190707/46557_n g2.0preloader.fla
There's the preloader.

Diphallia responds:

Thank you very much. (collecting preloaders right now :D)


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