Getting my ass into art.

2007-08-28 05:39:45 by Diphallia

I'm going to get my ass into art, as stated in the title.
I draw way to little, and i hope to change that, i've seet up a sketchbook that'll hopefully keep me going.
Even if some of you hate me because my piece of shit submission, thats okay.
I don't care, or. Well, I do. But i'm not going to cry about it.

And I hope to become a great artist, I know I will. (Not really).
I have no art to post right now, because i'm in school.
So wish me good luck!


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2007-08-30 02:05:36

fuck you

Diphallia responds:

Well fuck you too! :)


2007-08-31 08:15:49

Your actually good!

Du är svensk! :O

Diphallia responds:

Så fan att jag är!