2007-10-13 05:04:46 by Diphallia

I'm gonna take my coming webserie on to the drawing board (Actually have a drawing board) once again and make more characters and define the ones that alredy are created (that'd be one).

So ´today will be an intensive day for me.
I'm gonna draw toons all day, and my legs are gonna hurt.
If they don't, then my arms will.

Will post more news on this later.
I'm aiming for a front pager this time.
You'll se why I think it has a chance.

It's gonna be humorous, or. Well, somewhat humorous.
And all the things that happens is from reality.
If we make up a joke that wasn't from reality, we'll make it happen for real.
It's that easy.

I will post images from the drawing board later on in the week.
See ya then.


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