NgProject_mixdown is on its way!

2007-11-06 19:08:57 by Diphallia

I've just lately (like yesterdy or so), started to draw the graphics to a music project with eleven songs from the audio portal.

The designs is originally from my cousin who is 7 years old.
So style will have a crisp that I've never tried to reach before.

It's planned to have a release next week, which makes the deadline very short (two weeks).
But I might even submit it at sunday or monday, but I'll se how much is done when those times comes.

I've included a picture of a guy with a flowerpot on his head.
And one of his arms are rayman:ed for the awesomeness.

Check in for more updates later on in the week.
Sadly, I can't give you screenshots as they would reveal to much about the animation.

NgProject_mixdown is on its way!


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2008-01-23 18:01:18

Did you research to choose this name? Do you have Diphallia?

Diphallia responds:

Yep, Researched.
Nope, Do not have Diphallia.