NEw design

2008-06-06 07:38:15 by Diphallia

Gotta get myself some new icons to my userpage.

Money projects and mixdown

2008-03-07 18:05:35 by Diphallia

Been searching for some free money (you can do that here in sweden) and I'll hopefully get some.
To but a new computer, microphone, headphones and such.

My latest submission got the score I expected, so I'm kinda glad.

And, well. What's more to say?

Been exhibiting my art last weekend and it went fairly well.
Gonna get the results this week (mon-fri) and as long as I don't expect anything it'd be fun to "win".

Also got myself invlolved in a physics game on flash.
So I'm gonna spawn ideas and hopefully the game will have some success.

I've included a picture of a gearbox that I found on google.

Money projects and mixdown

NGproject_mixdown, WIP-release.

2008-02-21 03:19:47 by Diphallia

Since I haven't made any real progress on the NG_mixdown I'll just release it in it's current state.
It's somewhere around 40 seconds of pretty rough material.

The complete soundtrack will be avaible for download.

I'll probably take a break from flash (haven't been animating anything this year).
And hopefully I'll do some special effects training and comedy sketches before anything else more serious.

So I'll probably submit it today or tomorrow, and I hope you'll enjoy it!
Just gonna find the complete soundtrack list, it might be lost somwhere, that concerns me as I want to credit all the talented artists.

Just gonna do the credits and add a few buttons or so, and I'll be good to go!

I've just lately (like yesterdy or so), started to draw the graphics to a music project with eleven songs from the audio portal.

The designs is originally from my cousin who is 7 years old.
So style will have a crisp that I've never tried to reach before.

It's planned to have a release next week, which makes the deadline very short (two weeks).
But I might even submit it at sunday or monday, but I'll se how much is done when those times comes.

I've included a picture of a guy with a flowerpot on his head.
And one of his arms are rayman:ed for the awesomeness.

Check in for more updates later on in the week.
Sadly, I can't give you screenshots as they would reveal to much about the animation.

NgProject_mixdown is on its way!


2007-10-13 05:04:46 by Diphallia

I'm gonna take my coming webserie on to the drawing board (Actually have a drawing board) once again and make more characters and define the ones that alredy are created (that'd be one).

So ┬┤today will be an intensive day for me.
I'm gonna draw toons all day, and my legs are gonna hurt.
If they don't, then my arms will.

Will post more news on this later.
I'm aiming for a front pager this time.
You'll se why I think it has a chance.

It's gonna be humorous, or. Well, somewhat humorous.
And all the things that happens is from reality.
If we make up a joke that wasn't from reality, we'll make it happen for real.
It's that easy.

I will post images from the drawing board later on in the week.
See ya then.

2nd submission.

2007-09-24 06:06:51 by Diphallia

I'm actually suprised how good it went for my 2nd submission.
It's only 4 or 5 seconds long.
But it got a decent score.

Maybe I should make lots of these and submit them, in ONE movie.
Could get some results.

Giving up?

2007-09-06 07:45:02 by Diphallia

I'm seriously considering this, to just give up and leave all hope behind.
Somedays it just feels like I can't take it anymore.
That sucks.
It sucks when I just wanna lay down and die.
But that's how I feel.

And I know this is going to disturb my artworks vere negative.
But it's not much I can do about it.

I'm tired of this shit, I can't take it anymore.
I'm to fuckin' close to that damn edge.
And I just feel like falling.

Sometimes when I stand on mountains or cliffs I get that feeling to take a step forward.
And fall, It scares me.
I scare the shit out of myself when I'm just thinking.

AHHH!!! Zoloft wont help anymore.
I'm gonna paint my room pink and see if it can make me gay. (gay meant happy some years ago).
I don't wanna grow old, take me back to the old days.
When you could run around and don't care about the future.

My mind is a cage, and I'm trapped, I'm feeling autistic.
Goodbye, I'm gonna hide myself in my locker, and hopefully never gonna find myself again.

Getting my ass into art.

2007-08-28 05:39:45 by Diphallia

I'm going to get my ass into art, as stated in the title.
I draw way to little, and i hope to change that, i've seet up a sketchbook that'll hopefully keep me going.
Even if some of you hate me because my piece of shit submission, thats okay.
I don't care, or. Well, I do. But i'm not going to cry about it.

And I hope to become a great artist, I know I will. (Not really).
I have no art to post right now, because i'm in school.
So wish me good luck!

First Submission

2007-08-17 17:35:46 by Diphallia

Submitted my first movie today. And i have no idea if it will go trough the portal.
It's very short. But it's much better than the ugly ClockMovies.
Or atleast a bit better i think.

So i'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Alien Ant Farm. Bad Morning

2007-07-18 07:12:14 by Diphallia

Since i don't have any flashes on my page, i figured that i'll make one.
And it seems quite easy to make a music video, since you don't have to worry about the sound.
I'm working (thinking) on a music video for AAF, the song is bad morning and i'm gonna visualize that.
Everything that can go wrong, WILL go wrong.
No lip synching and no random things.
Sorta like Jerry, but without silver hammers.
And well, i don't have a preview, hope that i can post some in a while.

Also, I will start working on it when i find the inspiration, and when i've done the other things to be done.
As everbody should do, I start with character concepts and conceptual storyboards, then i'll make another one, with a bit twist, and finally i'll make a third that's somewhere between the first and the second, hopefully better than the two first also.

But i think i'll probably join some fun collab before that, just to warm up a bit.